Installing and preparing proteus

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N.B. This post will be removed as soon as possible.

At first install proteus. I think the main issue here is the patching part.
1. Click the file(before disable antivirus) and a  

window like following shall appear:



2. Click on patch; can’t find the file may appear. click Yes.

3. Go to C drive(where you have installed proteus); in my case this is E

screenshot24. Go program files->Labcenter Electronics

screenshot45. Then go to proteus 7 professional and find bin folder.

screenshot56. Enter there and the file ISIS.exe is there;


7. double-click the file and then you will see

screenshot78. Now go to proteus 7 professinal in same way as previous and go to models folder

Here is the file 82xx.dll


9. double click that too and i think patching is done!

Let me know whether it works or not.

Thank you.

Md. Sajib Al Mamun


Online Model Test

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Here is my project of database course. You can download it from this link. And to download the database, click here.

Enjoy web designing

May 4, 2012 3 comments

For website design we have to learn HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP etc. So it will be very exciting if all will get at a glance. No tension you can download all at a glance. About we all already here about online version website. But for visit this anyone have to internet connection. Good news that it has offline version too. Please click w3school offline version to download offline version and enjoy the web designing………..

Syllabus of 2nd year 2nd Semester

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Hi, friends.

How are you? A new semester means new courses and topics.

Want to know what we are going to face in the new semester?

Here is the syllabus of 2nd year 2nd semester.

Click here to download.


Assignment by Tanay sir on C++

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To download 1st assignment by Tanay sir please click CGPA calculation using c++

Assignment of Polash Sir

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Assignment of Polash sir :
1. Bubble sort
2. Linear search
3. Binary Search
4. Stack
5. Queue
6. Pattern matching
7. Factorial
8. Fibonacci
9. Tower of Hanoy

Download all the solution of these problem from this link.

Boolean Algebra and Minimization lecture sheet by Arafat sir

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear friends, Arafat sir had posted on facebook group(cse_jagannath) to tell us about the lecture materials.
Sir’s site contains the lecture(not printable easily).But from comments on facebook and my opinion and also for advantage I have made(remade) a copy of that lecture in .doc format.

Those who are interested could download it from the following link :
DLD lecture sheet in .doc format.

*** All credits go to Arafat sir for a nice lecture material because I only copied and pasted cotents from his site.

Waiting for your replies.
Please comment below on errors or anything on this topic.

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